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Surround Sound mixing and ProductionOctogris freeware binaural/ambisonic mixing plugin,

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

11th October

Loudspeaker Reproduction: Study on Subwoofer Concept, Christoph Kugler

History of Surround Sound

1938 - Fantasi, 3 Channels

1950 - Cinerama 7 ch system,

1960 - Amplitutde Martix phase technology

1970 - stereo for 70mm film

1987 - 5.1 surround sound

1999 10.2 surround sound


bass management subwoofer (Low frequency enhancement) necessary to create a solid low end. Surround channels create unstable images, especially in low frequency treatment.

Interstitial (arising from but not belonging to) phantom images create the surround sound field that is perceived as localisation.

MultiChannel affects room acoustics only in some areas that may need compensated.

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