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MultiChannel Mixing & Studio Operations

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

17th october

Surround Sound allows for enveloping the listener, not just creating spaciousness

Direct/ambient is where you have a primary sound source and the surround speakers are playing just the reverb or ambience to create immersion.

Direct source all round is the standard for cinematography, Foley etc. where you want localisation of sound source of a visual object to correspond.

Many mic channels can be hard assigned to the speaker positions, Some may need fixed panning, Some may need the ability to be dynamically panned,

Source size can be changed through signal processing, including surround decoding, 2-channel sources, decorrelation and reverberation.

EQ for MultiChannel varies from stereo (central content) may need less EQ while surround sources need more to maintain timbre of the sound source.

MultiChannel routing is three AES-3 standard pairs, organised according to the track format in use

Left, Centre, Right, Left Back, Right Back, LFE = 5.1

Jitter can affect digital audio signals so audio receivers must be well designed.

Mezzanine Coding is for film and TV and put audio data the digital audio tracks of video tape. Time Code must match that of the picture and 48KHz is the standard sample rate.

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