• Rory Conder

Dark Retreat 0.1

Updated: May 6

Friday 15th April, 2022

The Space, 257 London Road, G40 1PE

The installation music was composed of a 50-minute piece formed of three “scenes”, an introduction, a drum journey, and a relaxation outro.

The first scene was concerned with the outer space, and the first refuge, emptiness. As such, it was busy, incorporating synthesised sounds and panning effects to draw the listener away from their thoughts, empty their mind and draw them into the installation environment.

The second scene was rhythmically centred, using a drum journey, inspired by trance states. This was conceptually anchored to the second refuge of light, as trance states are reported to cause synaesthesia, colours, and visions. (Rouget, 1985, Becker, 1994, Strathern, 2003).

The final scene was inspired by Zen and Japanese concepts of the natural way and “seeing into ones nature” (Nagatomo, 2006). Aesthetically, this was inspired by nature, and the water garden. Utilising acoustic guitar tuned as a traditional koto, shakuhachi flutes, water and bird sounds as well as swelling drones and oscillating pulses, it was intended that the relaxation that followed the prior intense sonic elements would provide a meditative aural landscape wherein participants would merge with the final refuge of bliss.

Upon completion of this installation, it was discussed that this will become a monthly event, so please, if interested please keep an eye out for promotion through The Space, or other channels, as all in attendance expressed a strong desire to return.

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