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Tom Kenyon , Acoustic Brain Research

4th October

The structuring of form and vibration in a meditation experience

Reports of Alpha and Theta Waves on acoustic brain research

Reports of healing and trauma recovery

Reports of alleviation of depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD

Reports of Altered States of Consciousness, Satori, SatChitAnanda


Practitioners have always understood impermanence as the cornerstone of Buddhist teachings and practice. All that exists is impermanent; nothing lasts. Therefore nothing can be grasped or held onto. When we don’t fully appreciate this simple but profound truth we suffer, as did the monks who descended into misery and despair at the Buddha’s passing. When we do, we have real peace and understanding, as did the monks who remained fully mindful and calm.

Satipaṭṭhāna (Pali; Skt: smṛtyupasthāna) is an important Buddhist term which means "the establishment of mindfulness" or "presence of mindfulness," or alternatively "foundations of mindfulness," aiding the development of a wholesome state of mind.

Single-pointedness of mind, or the act of sustained awareness of attention, is the definition of meditation. We are not individual entities, separated from the phenomenal world, nor are we destined to die and go into silence and nothingness. The view of cause and effect (Karma), past life remembrance and expansion of consciousness beyond this base form are tenets of the Dharma.

The symbol of the merging of method (Bhoddisita), open heartedness, the nature of life, aliveness, emptiness, and Wisdom (Sunyata). These are the sun and the moon, masculine and feminine, different from the Western view of these things.

The central channel and the five channels are the paradise of the three embodiments. There is a very linear approach to engaging in rigpa, even though it is always present and that awareness is not waiting for you to believe in it or connect with your own liberation.

Emptiness is from the bottom of the lotus...

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