• Rory Conder


Space, space everywhere, in silent corners sound stirs, that space is within...

The desert sky, clear and thoughtless, that is the inner sacred space, the refuge of silence, light and bliss and the accomplishment of meditation. For ones mind to still to the point wherein it appears as you are dissolved into an unbounded expanse, just as the clear sky of the desert. This is the inner space... the true source of all healing.

3D ambisonic mixing techniques using Waves NX Stereo/Quad and headtracker. Splitting the track and mixing the direct sound in with the ambisonic mix created an immersive direct/ambient surround sound experience through headphones.

The viewers of this installation of surround sound meditation will be invited into three spaces.

The Physical Space will be the environment wherein the event will be happening. This will inform impressions based on awareness of the outer.

The Collective Space will be that which the listener joins in the activity of experience with the other participants, where transpersonal awareness of the other arises.

The Sacred Space will be that which the listener, through the act of being involved in the meditation experience, will enter either subconsciously or consciously, that where the outer is dissolved and an inner sense of being pervades.

The Sacred Space is the inner refuge of satchitananda, or "Bliss-state-consciousness" that is spoken of in Eastern traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism and is the goal of most yogis and tantrics. Meditative practices and especially the use of sound can support these states

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