• Rory Conder

3D Sound Meditation Environment

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

20th September

Ambisonics, Binaural & surround sound.

The art of ambisonic

and Surround Sound

many applications exist to edit and interact with the panning of a 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 sound system. This creates serious ambient immersion.

Surround sound editing of meditation/trance style music will be a profound listening experience if it is orchestrated correctly...


Meditation and the Dzogchen practice of non-dual awareness, mind's mind and rigpa.

The nature of everything is emptiness



The last vista and first experience of humanity is this void

The plane of non-dual awareness, is the nature of the mind,

The literature only brushes the reality

The experience is within..

By using surround sound audio system and music, curated culturally and aesthetically for a meditation context, sound will become the interplay and meeting point for the single-pointed mind. The experience should facilitate deep states of consciousness where feelings of one-ness, transcendence of time and space and heightened awareness of Self become familiar.

Dissolve into non-duality, in a 3D field of immersive drones, instrumentation, frequency oscillation, binaural beats and synths.


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